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That love, peace and grace of the King of kings are shared on all those who will have the opportunity to visit this website “ATALTRAB”.

ATALTRAB, Chadian Association of Literacy, Linguistics and Bible Translation, created in April 1993 grew up, and start on the track of the holistic development of linguistic communities in Chad.

Through its Vision and Mission, ATALTRAB work for any language in Chad that confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their heart language.

ATALTRAB's ambitions for Chad unwritten language and against the very high illiteracy rates are high. During his career, ATALTRAB played a significant role in specialized training for church leaders, members of language committees, Bibletranslators and literacy workers to the satisfaction of many people.

As a member of the Agreement of Churches and Evangelical Missions in Chad (EEMET), it claims the arm churches tended towards the people of Chad without God's Word. She is about to work for the translation of the Bible, Literacy and Promotion of the Use of Scripture are effective in all languages ​​of Chad including those of minorities; this work will be of course in partnership with the Church, the language communities and other partners to meet the mission to reach every Chadian by the Gospel. We believe that all life transformed by the Word of God can confess in their heart language that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Our prayer is that the church really serves this arm because ATALTRAB is a ministry in the service of the church to help realize the mission of God (Misso-Dei), that offering the Word of God in a language and in a form that will allow people to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

May any community or individual feels free to become a member or partner of the National Organization for together we respond to the order of our Master Jesus Christ of 'Make disciples of all nations through the translation of the Bible' .